Mgr. Martina Zatloukalová, Ph.D.

Martina Zatloukalová (PhD, MSc.)

Mgr. Martina Zatloukalová

Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry

Hněvotínská 3

775 15 Olomouc, Czech Republic


tel: +420 585 63 2316


Research Topics:

  • electroanalytical chemistry and biophysical methods for nucleic acids and protein research
  • protein, DNA, electroanalysis, interaction



2016 –            

junior researcher, Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of  Medicine and Dentistry, Palacky University, Olomouc


Education and postgraduate training:


Ph.D. study (Palacky University in Olomouc)– Dept. of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Palacky University in Olomouc

2005 – 2010

Undergraduate study (University of Pardubice)



2010 – present

Czech Chemical Society

2010 – present                       

Czech Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2013– present

International Society of Electrochemistry


Teaching activites:

2010 – present

Medical Chemistry (Faculty of Medicine, Palacký University Olomouc)

2011 – 2012

Biochemistry (Faculty of Medicine, Palacký University Olomouc)


Research Fellowships:


University of Coimbra, Portugal


  • 14 original papers
  • 1 reviews
  • 1 textbooks


  • 5 most important:
  • Vacek, J., Zatloukalova, M., Geleticova, J., Kubala, M.,  Modriansky, M., Fekete, L., Masek, J., Hubatka, F., Turanek, J., Electrochemical Platform for the Detection of Transmembrane Proteins Reconstituted into Liposomes, Analytical Chemistry 88, 4548-4556 p., 2016.
  • Havlikova, M., Zatloukalova, M., Ulrichova, J., Dobes, P., Vacek, J., Electrocatalytic assay for monitoring methylglyoxal-mediated protein glycation, Analytical  Chemistry 87, 1757-1763, 2015.
  • Zatloukalová, M., Křen, V., Gažák, R., Kubala, M., Trouillas, P., Ulrichová, J., Vacek, J., Electrochemical investigation of flavonolignans and study of their interactions with DNA in the presence of Cu(II), Bioelectrochemistry, 82, 117–124, 2011.
  • Zatloukalova, M., Orolinova, E., Kubala, M., Hrbac, J., Vacek, J.,: Electrochemical Determination of Transmembrane Protein Na+/K+ ATPase and Its Cytoplasmic Loop C45. Electroanalysis, 8, 1758 – 1765, 2012.


Recent Active and Invited Presentations:

more than 25 presentations

  • 5 most important:
  • Zatloukalova, M., Pyszkova, M., Kren, V., Ulrichova, J., Vacek, J., Oxidace Flavonolignanu a jejich interakce s DNA a proteiny, ChemZi 11/1, ISSN 1336-7242, p. 73, 2015
  • Zatloukalova, M., Modriansky, M., Vacek J., Electroanalysis of Uncoupling Protein UcP1, Modern Electrochemical Methodos XXXIV, p. 237-241, 2014
  • Zatloukalova M., Redox Properties of Flavonolignans and Their Interactions with DNA and Proteins, Training Course on Redox Biology in Health and Disease, Alicante, Spain, 2015


Recent Awards:

Palacky University Dean award for student scientific publication 2013.