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Biomedical research services for industry, research institutes and individual research groups


Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry (DMCB) provides screening of a biologically active substance/extract/phytopreparation (on model reactions, mammalian cells and animal models) and consulting services for pharmaceutical and food industry, research institutes and individual research groups.

Ústav lékařské chemie a biochemie
Based on the needs of the customer, services supplied by DMCB may range from single measurements to complete studies. Assays may be set up according to the requirements of the client. If necessary, we also assist in preparation of the material for publication of results.

The competence of DMCB is achieved and maintained by their active research. At present, research and development activities at DMCB are focused on oxidative stress and antioxidant functions.

We can assist our clients e.g. to investigate effects of plant extracts, phytochemicals, functional food and dietary supplements, on oxidation of LDL (® atherosclerosis) or DNA (® cancer), on cellular defence functions, and to explore antioxidant effects of intact plant/extract/ component/dietary supplement.


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